Company Profile


Our Mission

We as structural engineering organization involved in providing optimized structural design based on enhanced knowledge base.

We believe that each organization`s competitive advantage is unique

Our Vision

To provide a platform enabling the construction field a legacy of educative, solution oriented system of finer engineering-“Entirety Engineering”

 Our Core Competencies

 Industrial Structures

 Traditional long span structures

 Pre-engineering Structures

 Material Handling Systems Communication Towers Storage structures



Liquid storage structures

Machine Foundation & Equipment Supporting structures

 Electro-Static Precipitator

 RC Structures

Residential appartments

Commercial Buildings

Office Buildings

Earth retaining Structures

Educational institution buildings.


Company Profile

Mithran structures were established in 2001. We have worked with a wide array of clients to provide innovative structural designs that command economical and safer structural base abiding by the Standards.

Indian social environment requires a unique style of construction, which can be labor intensive that can save the material costs.  Thus, Mithran structures established the most undeniable fundamentals suiting Indian environment, inculcating social and ecological basics in innovative structures. These lateral thinking design concepts for Indian constructions involves savings on the materials and focuses on extensive labor work.